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Time flies

 Time is an amazing thing. On a clock it's a steady and measurable phenomenon. But in mind it depends on different factors. According to some researchers your perception of time can depend on factors such as your age, activities you are involved in or even your mood. There are some days when you look back and wonder if time seems to go by faster as you grow older. You think of all the things you have achieved big or small. And just then a sudden realization hits you. How much time you have left? I thought it would be cool to visualize this idea of how much time do I have left (assuming average human lifespan of 70 yrs.) I used Power BI to compare number of weeks I have lived and number of weeks left. Also, the chart and numbers are dynamically updated since the calculation for weeks I have lived is compared with current date. Almost reaching half of my lifespan. Time flies. Tool Used:- Power BI