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Cereal Production Around the World – Africa’s Hunger Crisis

 This dashboard shows uneven distribution of cereal production across the globe. Despite of green revolution launched half a century ago to maximize cereal production, most of the African states are still struggling to keep a balance between their population and cereal production which ultimately results in malnutrition of the population. Follow the link below the image for interactive viz.   Interactive Version Tool Used: Tableau

Melbourne Pedestrian Counting System

Created this mobile friendly dashboard to track Pedestrian Patterns for Melbourne city. The city has sensors placed at major spots to track pedestrian foot traffic. Original tracking system can be found at . This dashboard is a makeover for the original system to better track pedestrian patterns. Using this information city administration can get information on different areas and rush at period of day. This information can be used for better city planning such as diverting traffic or deciding working hours for maintenance work. Interactive Version Tool Used: Tableau