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Heads or Tails

Build a viz showing what percentage of matches are won by a team after winning the toss. It basically tells if winning a toss have any crucial impact on the match result. What I can see from viz is that it does have some affect on the outcome but nothing significant. In the end, how team plays on the field is all that matters. Interactive Link Tool Used:- Tableau

Superstore Executive Dashboard

Here's my take on executive type dashboard built on superstore data. The major learning from this dashboard was using layout containers inside tableau to neatly organize dashboard items. Layout containers let you group related items together so you can quickly position them. Once items are inside the containers, you can change the size and placement of items inside a container and other items automatically adjust. There are two types of containers - vertical and horizontal. As name suggests, horizontal containers places items left/right and vertical containers places items above/below. It’s always a good idea to use containers for your production dashboards as this will greatly help you organize and standardize the size and layout of your dashboard’s worksheets.   Interactive Version Tool Used:- Tableau